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2h30 > 170€

SPA MASSAGES Solo or Duo : Ban Thaï Massage 2h30

To begin with a Foot massage....

Foot Massage can help to prevent or relieve the symptoms of several complaints by using deep pressure on reflexology points in the legs and feet.

Foot Massage helps improve blood and lymphatic circulation, drain toxins, stimulate all the bodily organs and relieve ‘heavy’ legs.

After this first delightful hour, the choice is then open between:

Traditional Thai Massage
Les pressions manuelles profondes de ce massage s’exercent avec les paumes sur des zones larges ou les pouces sur les points et lignes d’energie.

Or Aromatic Oils Massage
This relaxing massage alternates smooth movements and deep pressure for tense muscles and light percussion movements designed to relieve the effects of daily stress.

To close: A session in the Thai-style steam room